What is Pilates?

Pilates helps to achieve and maintain mind-body balance, physical and mental well being.  Regular Pilates exercises form our body firm without adding bulk.

Pilates training consists of more than 500 specially designed and formulated exercises.    Physical demand is increased gradually to prevent over-stress and injury.   Special  yoga-like breathing keeps the patient focused and increases his or her endurance providing sufficient oxygen for the body. 

Joseph Pilates, the founder of this method, developed more than 500 exercises.   Training starts with basic exercises on the ground, so called MAT.   Pilates equipment is suitable to eccentric exercises, i.e. muscle strengthening and stretching at the same time.   This is fundamentally different from traditional fitness strengthening which contracts muscles and adds bulk.

Joseph Pilates opened his first studio in 1926 in New York.  Among his first students were Martha Graham and George Balanchine.

What was previously a secret training for Hollywood celebrities is now available for everybody.  Madonna is one of the biggest stars who keep their shape and fitness level up with Pilates and she even sang about it.

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